steam cooking

Healthy cooking has become an important preoccupation to many people who have given up fried potatoes cooked with large amounts of oil. Some people have even chosen not to use heat at all when cooking (raw veganism).

There is a solution found between these two opposite views, and that is steam cooking. Its advantages are that it preserves color and taste and it doesn’t eliminate all the nutrients in the food. The heat is conducted to the food by hot steam and even the most delicate food will remain untouched (for instance, sea food). Unlike boiling the food, the nutrients are not lost in the water which afterwards is thrown away. The direct contact with the steam will also give a smoother texture to the food.

It may be a little more complicated than traditional cooking, but what other benefits does this cooking method bring?

  • First of all, you don’t risk burning the food. It is easier than conventional cooking and your kitchen won’t be filled with smoke.
  • The food will become more digestible because the fibers in the aliments are softened.
  • You don’t need to use oil and have to replace it after each time you fry something.
  • It is suitable for almost any food.
  • The food will keep its color, taste and shape. Vegetables won’t turn into purée.
  • You can cook different foods each on top of each other (vegetables, meat, fish and so on) at one time. This means you will be saving time and energy.
  • It is fast – it takes half an hour to cook your meal.
  • It is a verified cooking method – the Chinese have been using it for more than 3000 years.
  • It is considered that steaming preserves 90% of the nutrients in the food, including antioxidants which prevent cancer.
  • Steam cooking can also be a reheating cold food method; the taste and the properties of the food will not be altered.

Steaming is a complete cooking solution that will bring many benefits to your health, help you save money and time and obtain delicious meals. You don’t necessarily need to throw your frying pan away, but diversity is a good option when cooking.