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We all know the benefits of fixing a home cooked meal. They tend to be far healthier than take out options and the ready meals that can be shoved into the microwave and zapped piping hot in the blink of an eye. They also tend to be far more affordable, especially as you can use ingredients bought in larger quantities to make a wide variety of meals with only one set of mark up applied to the price. Finally, even if you’re not a world beating chef, a properly prepared meal is usually much more tasty than the results to be got from going down the easy route.

The main problem most of us face is finding the time to actually cook. If you live in a busy city it could be a fair distance to a big supermarket, and the local retailers may have a pretty limited selection of ingredients for you to choose from, meaning that you need to go out of your way just to stock up enough to pull off a recipe that you’re interested in trying.

If you do manage to make the time to get hold of all the things you need, there’s the small matter of actually having enough time to get it prepared and cooked. With the workaholic attitude becoming ever more wide spread and commuting a necessity for many, it’s not uncommon to find you don’t make it home until the earlier evening – and that’s on a night when you don’t have any plans.

It’s little wonder then that people give in to the temptation to simply avoid cooking. However, it doesn’t have to so difficult. You simply need to make more of the time available to you. For example, you could prepare your ingredients and even stick them in the oven in the morning when you are fresh and have the energy so that all you need to do is to turn it on when you get in. That way you can sit back and relax, take the weight off your feet and enjoy your food without feeling it was all a trial.

Another great tip is to make it a social event. Whilst we’ll claim we find it hard time to cook, we’ll easily find time to head out and have a few drinks with friends. So, make a home cooked dinner the centre of a social event. Most of us find it easier to make an effort when we are in company than by ourselves. Cooking for friends will get you active in the kitchen, make for a pleasant evening and will most likely see you repaid in kind.